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You can change Mouse Gestures setting anyway you want.<br />


And I recommend you set mouse trail cause' it shows your mouse gesture's trajectory.


By the way, in default setting, there are somethings.

ソースを表示する display source

← ↓ → ↓ ← (ソースの s を示す indicate s of source)

ブックマークに追加 add to bookmarks

↓ → ↓ ← ↑ (ブックマークの b を示す indicate b of bookmarks)


When you input diagonal gesture, your manipulate was gone, so lengthy gesture is troublesome.

ソース表示であれば 右クリック + V で、ブックマークであれば Ctrl + D で OK のような気がします。

I feel it is enough if you'd like to display source then right click + V, and if you'd like to add to bookmarks then type Ctrl + D.


Well, that's diff. of testes.