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初美容院 - Hair Salon For the 1st Time

はじめに - Introduction

I went to hair salon for the first time by recommendation of my junior on Sunday. It is rare time, so I gave many order to master.

That's like it.

「アバウトな注文しても良いでしょうか? 髪をすいて、全体的に数センチ短くしてください。髪型のイメージは、就活なので、清潔感があって落ち着いている感じ、また、同窓会が近いので、ちょっと遊べる感じでw」

"Could I give you an abstract order? Please thin out my hair, and shorten about several centimeters. An image of hair style is that I have job hunting so please make it like cleanly and calm, and I'll partake reunion so please also make it easier to arrange :D"


I said with thinking it is unreasonable order.

結果 - Result

But, he was pro. Finally, he made my hair form more changeable.And that time, he suggested me how to cut for detail and taught me my hair's characteristics.

さらには、就活用と遊び用のワックスのつけ方まで教えていただきましたw いやー、さすがプロ。言ってみるものですねw
Additionally, he taught me how to use hair dressing. Woo, what a pro. It was worth saying :)

I said "I'll see here periodically :D" and came back home.

Hair salon is great. It is like a producer of hair.When my hair is changed, I feel motivation bigger.

−ω− すみません、アラフォーとかグーとか、今日知りました。