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セクシュアルパワー - Sexual Power

はじめに - Introduction

Firstly, I have to say that it is not odious entry :)

ここで余談ですが、相対性理論の書籍が本屋に並んだ大正時代、人々は「相対性」を「男女の仲や性」と勘違いして本屋に殺到したらしいですねw (その当時、相対(あいたい)は、男女の仲を意味する言葉だったそうです)
As an aside, there were books of relativity theory at book stores in the Taisho era, people misunderstood "relativity" as "relationship between men and women, and genders" and run into book stores :O (Appendix: At that time, a word, "相対(relativity) meant terms of male and female)

But I digress, sexual power means that "We usually are motivated when opposite sex is nearby".

会議革命より - From Meeting Revolution

斎藤孝氏が著書である「会議革命」で指摘されている内容を引用します(P78 セクシュアル・パワーより)。
I'll quote the contents mentioned on "会議革命 (Meeting Revolution)" written by "斎藤孝 (Takashi Saito)" (from P78 Sexual Power).


I have experienced stagnation and stuffy mood a lot when there are males only.
Actually, conference partaken by women and men was really activated.

(英訳は鼈甲 - English Translation Presented by Bekkou)

It is very interesting story. When there are men only, how to say, it is a little circulation of air and atmosphere. And, I may say the opposite thing (Sorry for that!). In the scenes of private and work office, somethings are different if there are opposite sexes.

いろいろ - Miscellaneous Things

バイト先 - Part-time Job Office

バイト先の女性率がほぼ0になりました。果たして、どうなることやら。誰かが女装をしなくてはいけなくなるかもしれない! なんて。
The ratio of women of part-time job office went about 0. In the future, what may be happened? I guess that one of us have to dress up like a women! what a kidding :P

最近 - Recently

There was something that I feel happy. What should I say, I feel there's some fun from now. (I don't mean as I got girl friend. Oh, it is miscellaneous thing but "My age = History of no girl friend" (Instead I'm proud...).)

まとめ - Summary

I think I'm motivated more than usual if there is sexual power.

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