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よりよい提案の仕方 - How to Make a Suggestion Better

はじめに - Introduction

When I listen to an explanation of specification of project's application by employee at the office of part-time job, recently, I can make a suggestion of function step by step. But, I thought I can improve the way to make a proposal more. In this entry, I'll write about it.

提案の仕方 - How to Make a Proposal

Let's imagine situation, you make a suggestion to boss to add a validation check. What is the difference between both following proposals?

  1. ○○○といったバリデーションを追加した方が良いのではないでしょうか? - I think it is better to add a XXX validation check, but how do you think about it?
  2. ○○○といったバリデーションを追加した方が良いのではないでしょうか? △△△といった項目の本来の意味に反するデータが作成されてしまわないように。 - I think it is better to add a XXX validation check not to be created data, which is opposite to primary meaning of items, for example YYY, but how do you think about it?

Let's think a case you make a suggestion as 1. Your boss can respond "It's because ..., right?". But, in this case, you give a work to think and say reason to your boss. And, if you are used to make a proposal like this, I feel your opportunity to think a reason of your saying may decrease. And you may get used not to output your opinion clearly. Additionally, if your boss doesn't respond and decide add a validation, you may not feel refreshed 'cause things are decided ambiguously.

2と提案した場合を考えてみましょう。提案に理由という自分の軸を持たせることで、発言に強みが増していると思います。「自分で決めたことだぜ!」といった感じがより強くて良いです。「これを実現したいから、これをやれば良い」と、目的と手段が明確になっているので、上司は、「お、こいつ考えて物を言っているな」と思ってくれるかもしれません(理由を持っていたとしても、発言しないと、それは無かったものと同じです。理由を持ち、それを相手に伝えてこそ、お互の意見が分かりあえる気持ちの良い会話になるのだと思います)。それに、物事に理由をつけて話せる人って、なんだか KOOL です。
Let's think a case you make a proposal as 2. I think your saying have stronger conviction by having your axis as reason for your suggestion. It sounds "I just decide myself!" stronger so I feel it is nice. Goals and methods are clear by saying "I'd like to realize this, so I think we can do that by doing this", so your boss may feel "Ah, he says with thinking" (If you have a reason and don't say it, that thing just nothing. I think our conversation just become comfortable (like we can understand each other), when we have our reason and exchange them).

最後に - To the end

I can just write down them easily but I rarely do them on working so I feel frustration a little. When I make a suggestion from this time, I keep in mind them. And I try to think a better way than 2. We feel good when we have a communication which we can feel comfortable. It is very interesting to increase things I can do.

*1:ユーザの入力した値が正しいかを検査することです。例えば、「ユーザ名は半角英数字のみ」と制約があるとします。ユーザが、ユーザ名に平仮名を入れて登録処理を行おうとした場合、それは制約に反するデータですので、それはバリデーションエラーとなります。その際、「ユーザ名は半角英数字のみです。ユーザ名を再度入力してください」などのメッセージを見たことがあるでしょう - Check a value inputted by user whether it is correct or not. For example, there is a condition that "user name is English one-byte character only". If user input hiragana and do registration process, it violates a format so checking result is validation error. Then, you will see such message "User name is English one-byte character only. Please input user name again".