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チョコレート × 逆 - Multiply Chocolate by Reverse

はじめに - Introduction

An idea of "reverse" is very interesting. For example, make meanings of sentences backward, think on an opposite side, and so on.

チョコレートと論理 - Chocolate and logic

Now, this year, someone seemed to apply idea of "reverse" to chocolate.

Well, whether someone do or not, I have nothing to do with it so there are no profit and damage (Please don't see me like sad eyes).

But, there is thing I can't understand.

Chocolate market is too excited.

I'll give OK sign to "friend chocolate (Women give chocolate to her friends)" and "family chocolate (Women give chocolate to her family)", 'cause women are the center of warming-up people.

But, how daring "reverse chocolate (Women give chocolate to men and men also give it to women)", which levels in the dust of valentine's base of stream between women to men and covers 100% (meaning that it covers men and women) of target of source presenter, is it!

What a astonishing job.

カバレッジ100%の有効活用 - Effective use of coverage 100%

But, I found the great way to utilize coverage 100% effectively.

パレンタインデーをぶっつぶせ! - Keep Crazy;shi3zの日記

If you are gentleman named tactician, just do it.

散々持ち上げた自分は、やりませんがw (まさに外道!)
I, lifted up this topic, will not do it :D (What a bad boy!)

今後 - In the future

If there is "reverse chocolate", they must publish "not chocolate"!

I'm sure it'll just become such situation that not only chocolate, but also all sweets allowed!

If there is "not chocolate", they must go public "contraposition chocolate"!

It is not changed essentially like women give a chocolate to men, but chocolate, which has package introduced not-essential cute character, must be sold!

Ah, it must be must be!

絶望した! 暴走し続けるチョコレート業界に絶望し(ry
I was disappointed! I was disappointed with burning-up chocolate mar (cut

最後に - In the end

Today is just holiday.

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