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親子丼 - A Bowl of Rice Topped with Chicken and Eggs

調理過程 - Process of cooking

盛り付け - Arranging

メモ - Memo

まあまあでした。味が少し薄めでした。味付けは、麺つゆ : 水 = 1 : 1 だったので、次回は、麺つゆ : 水 = 2 : 1 でやってみます。
It was so so. The taste was a little. In this time, tasting was "seasoning soy sauce : water = 1 : 1" so next time, I'll do "seasoning soy sauce : water = 2 : 1".

また、具は鶏肉, 玉ねぎとシンプルだったので、次回は、しいたけやエレンギ, ニンジン, いとこんにゃくとか入れてみます。
And fillings were chicken and onion and they were simple, so next time, I'll put shiitake (Japanese mushroom), eringi (Japanese mushroom), carrot, and some noodles made of konnyaku (devil's tongue).

The following is which I referred.

親子丼 by ぷりマン [クックパッド] 簡単おいしいみんなのレシピが69万品

その後 - After that

I found that the cooking stove was dirty when I was taking photos, so I cleaned it.

I'll do it every month from this time ...

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