bekkou68 の日記

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夜 - Night


I've finished  my part-time job about 1 p.m., and now I deal with my assignment with my senior, who is in same part-time job.


It is not things I do on the night.


Recently, I have a trial and error to improve my life cycle.


Now it follows  just about my life cycle.

午前 9 時から大学 → 大学の講義 → バイト午後 7 時から開始 → バイトが午前0時から午前 2 時の間に終わる  → IF 空腹 THEN GOTO 吉野屋; → 午前 1 時から午前3時の間に帰宅 → ネットサーフィン開始 →  何となく寝転がる → 気絶するかのようにいつの間にか寝ている → 時間が来ると目が覚める

Univ. from 9 a.m. -> Lecture of Univ. -> Part-time job from 7 p.m. -> End P-t job between 0 and 2 a.m. -> If I'm hungry then I go to Yoshinoya -> Back to home between 1 and 3 a.m. -> Net surfing -> Lie on without thinking -> Sleep without realizing -> Wake up when time comes


That is a little hard for me, so I wonder which I can delete some process from the above cycle.

大学は、学生の本分であるので仕方なく → 削除却下。

Univ. is duty of academic student (out of necessary ) -> Delete Rejection.

バイトは、自分とって有意義な時間なので → 削除却下。

I feel it is very precious time to work at part-time job -> Delete Rejection.

帰り際に寄れる吉野屋は心のオアシスなので → 削除却下。

Yoshinoya, I can drop by on my way home -> Delete Rejection.

ネットサーフィンは、一日の疲れを癒すために必須だから → 削除却下。

Net surfing releases me from dairy fatigue, so necessary -> Delete Rejection.

結論: 現在のライフサイクルのプロセスの一切は削除不可

Conclusion: The all of current life cycle processes can't be deleted.

所感: これはひどい

Feelings: That's terrible.


If there are any wise people, please give some advice to me.


Today, if I sleep, I must be late, so I gonna have a nap.


When I go back my home, I'll write some review of book I recently read.