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最初で最後の今月の日記 - The First and Last of This Month's Diary


Long time no see everyone. I write somethings without thinking.


Two weeks passed after I came back from Tokyo. Time passes as light arrow. I'll write about things which I learnt at Tokyo step by step.


University will start from tomorrow. Oh, I haven't read mnews over a month. I didn't buy textbooks yet. I don't remember my timetable. Tommorow will be awful day.


From next week, I'll teach English words and pronunciation to my friends and my juniors. It's wktk. I can't stop my smile :)


Total SPAM to my mobile phone exceeded 100 per a day. I set to remove mails which include URL. Then, it became several mails per a day. That's peace. So, if you send to me mail includes URL, then "REMOOOVED!" (This is a tip of DEATH NOTE...) Please pay attention to it.


Two junior was assigned to project I working. They can speak deeply, so they are hopeful. They improve my tips vocabulary. I'm looking forward to our future.


From tomorrow, I restart my blog slowly. I have somethings I'd like to summarize.