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Question S001; Why do you study English?

Question S001

  Why do you study English?  Use specific reason to support your answer. (If you can, write your answer's length as follows: speak all sentences by 45 sec without reading them. Of course, you have not to remember your answer completely when you speak)

The Example of Answer

I. (Nov 5, 2008)

  Because learning English is necessary to get the newest information of technology. For example, news, projects, and thesis of latest technology is often written in English. If I can read English, I can get up-to-date information. If I can't do it, I can't obtain them or I have to wait them translated in Japanese for some days or more.

II. (Nov 5, 2008)

  Because English enables me to make my communication on the Internet wider. For example, I always write my blog in Japanese and English to tell the contents of my blog. With that, not only Japanese but also English-native people and English-learning people can read my blog. Perhaps, they will comment to me. Then I can communicate with them by exchanging comments.