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Subversion を Visual Studio Express へ - Subversion to Visual Studio Express

失敗 - Fail

Visual Studio C# Express Edition で、Subversionを使いたい。
I'd like to use Subversion on Visual Studio C# Express Edition.

Then, I found ankhsvn.

ankhsvn: ホーム

I downloaded it.

Visual Studio を再起動してみたのですが、反映されず。
I rebooted Visual Studio, but it didn't be applied.

調査 - Investigation

I tried to look up...

ankhsvn: Wiki: Faq

Does it work with the Visual Studio 2005 Express versions?
No, and it might never do so. The current position from Microsoft is that these SKUs will not support addins.

Ah, it is...

...I made more search.

Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition の制限

Express Edition だとアドインできないのか! オワタ。
I can't appli add-in to Express Edition! THE END.

But, I can't make any complaint 'cause I can get development environment for free.

However, I'd like Visual Studio to admire Eclipse...