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ESL Podcast でシャドーイング 6日目

English Cafe 6

聞こえた ”瞬間” にすぐ声を出す。これを意識すると、それなりに発話できるようになってきた気がします。メモの仕方は、付箋紙に戻りました。ホワイトボードだと、手を動かす距離が大きくてやりにくかったのでやめましたー。


  • Announcement
    • some pictures were posted to Map (kind of forum of ESL podcast?)
      • one of the pictures was a cat. cat goes "meow"
    • last podcast, speaker mistook the spelling of Oprah and he apologized
    • his sister lives in place takes about 5 hours from LS by driving
  • Health care in the US
    • health insurance; 40,000 per month
    • health care program
      • Medicare; for elderly, over 65 people
      • Medicaid; for low income, people haven't lot of money
  • Johnny Cash
    • famous singer
    • Golden Club award is given for movie or TV program
    • Work the line; movie
    • rural: outside of city
  • Q and A
    • as if; he talks as if he knows everything
    • Ya-Yas
      • slang of something exciting or interesting for you
      • expression often used is "to get your Ya-Yas out"
  • 全体をとおして
    • 動物が "鳴く" って何て表現するのかなと思って調べてみたら、go なんだ! cat goes "meooooooow"
    • Ya-Yas がよくわからない。調べてると、かなりのスラングなのかなぁという印象