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ESL Podcast でシャドーイング 7日目

English Cafe 7

9割くらい聞き取れて、8割くらい発話できるような感覚です。目標は 9割9分聞き取れて、9割発話だなあ。
ESL Podcast はとても面白いです。アメリカの文化をからめてフレンドリーに話してくれるスタイルが好きです。これなら続きそうだー。


  • TV system
    • there are about 1,000 (!) TV stations in US
    • major TV channels are ABC, CBS, NBS, and little smaller channels are Fox and WB
    • satellite TV stations are Dish TV and Direct TV
    • PBS (public station) is non-profit TV station. government gives money to PBS, but it's smaller than other country's (e.g. England) government does
  • spelling bees
    • contest that people listen to words and write down each spelling
    • if he has mistake, it's the end of his challenge
    • most participants are junior high school students
    • spelling bees takes 6 hours
  • pronunciation of Minnesota
    • little different. e.g. "o" sound of Minnesota is longer
  • difference between policy and politics
    • policy is a rule, regulation and program to fix some problems. ex. government has a policy for saving environment
    • politics are mostly related to government and organization