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Gogengo! や IT 技術など。

自宅でオンライン英会話!『レアジョブ』を無料体験しました(2日目) - 評判・口コミ


1日目はこちら。引き続きレアジョブの無料体験 2日目です。


今回は Edje 先生にお願いしました。プロフィールにアニメ好きと書いてあったので(笑)
前回テキストについて詳しく書かなかったので、今回は少し詳しく書きます。テキストはベーシックからアドバンスまで用意されていました。幅広いレベルに対応されているようです。テキストは Web上にあるのでいつでも復習・予習ができそうでいいなあと思いました。



Please make your self introduction.

Hello. I’m Takumi Tsunokake, please call me Takumi. I’m XX years old. I majored in Computer Science in university so I spent many time facing to computers ;) My job is creating web services and applications for iPhone.

How do you spend your weekend?

I'll go jogging to a park with my co-worker on Saturday. A course is about 5 kilometers and we'll have a one lap. Recently it’s little cold but gentle wind and sunlight are nice.

What kind of application are you developing?

For example, I individually run a web service named Gogengo! which allows users to learn English words effectively and nicely. Gogengo! is contents of roots of words. For instance, prepaid. prepaid can be divided with two parts, pre and paid, and pre means “in advance” and paid is just paid. When they are joined, that means “paid in advance”. Finally prepaid means “paid in advance”. Like that, memorizing words with roots is very memorable and unforgettable. I love roots, so I created it. Gogengo! is for Japanese but perhaps it is good for learner who studying English or Japanese.

How did you know RareJob?

On Twitter. Recentlly, I see a lot of tweets about Online English Lesson, for instance, “I had a lesson of RareJob. It is 5th try for me.” so I interested in it.

What’s your goal for learning English?

Perhaps I have a chance to work in San Fransisco in this year. Then, of course, I have to speak English in daily life. And also, I’d like to communicate with a lot of people. So I’d like to improve my communication skill, especially speaking and listening.