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I Made a Presentation at Scrum Gathering Vietnam 2015



My friend, Kiro said "How about talk in Scrum Gathering Vietnam 2015 ?" to me. And I applied to CFP and it passed!

I went to Vietnam and made a presentation on 5/29.

It was the first time to go to Vietnam, and was the time to be a speaker of conference.

My Presentation

A purpose of my presentation is "sharing my experience to spread Agile Samurai *1 mindset to fast growing organization", and the following is slide.

In the first, there are 5 audiences, but finally it became 50 in about 15 mins, so I'm really amazed :O And in and after my presentation, many audiences asked me to many kinds of thinks so I'm really happy :)


At the same time, I can refine my presentation more and more, so I'll continue to do a lot efforts. It's great experience for me!

I also got a kind support by organizers. Thank you very much :)

In the Last


I'm happy and proud to attend and speak in the first held conference in Vietnam :)

During my presentation, I heard many people googled Agile Samurai. It's hot if Agile Samurai become a hit book in Vietnam as Japan.

Thank you very much for everyone in the Scrum Gathering Vietnam :) :)



*1:Agile Samurai is a book covers agile mindset and skills widely with easy expression. The author of Agile Samurai, Jonathan Rasmusson, would like to summarize 7 Agile books. So it is nice to read for not only people who is already knows agile but also people who doesn't know agile. In Japan, Agile Samurai sales about 30,000 copies. Japanese IT hit books can be said 20,000 copies so Agile Samurai is one of the big hit books.