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Short biography

I'm a programmer, project manager, and agile practitioner. I develops smartphone applications with Objective-C and Rails, and am a one of a co-translators of Agile Samurai wrote by Jonathan Rasmusson and it sells about 30,000 copies in Japan.


Our Endeavor to Spread Agile Mindset to Fast Growing Organization

Short topic description

A company which I belongs to is growing fast. Therefore it becomes to have a lot of problems. To tackle them, we formed a special team. One of our effective done activities was to read Agile Samurai. Through the activity, we could share agile mindset among members involving non-programmers. Finally, the group becomes a place to set the stage for doing each member's action.

Goal of the session

Sharing my experience of spreading agile mindset to a fast growing company.

Type of topic

Scrum Applied

Speak types


Session duration

30 mins


How can a fast growing organization adopt agile?

I'll share my half-year experience of spreading agile mindset to a fast growing company. IGNIS LTD. where I work is a smartphone application development company and has grown from 30 people to more than 100 people within these two years. The number of concurrent running projects has changed from around 5 to 25. The term of projects is becoming longer to develop some products which make a stable benefit. Our situation is becoming remarkably complicated.

Therefore we have many problems, for example, some team members are suddenly assigned another project without an agreement between both projects and it gives them a serious confusion, some team members misunderstand definition of DONE and it causes communication mismatch, and so on. Transferring mindset and skills to run long-term project as a team was the biggest problem we've faced.

Applying agile methods to a fast growing organization has different kinds of difficulties compared to doing that to a stable organization. As you know, developing smartphone applications involve various roles including producers, designers, and programmers. To tackle the problem, we formed a special team named "Agile Guild" in October 31, 2014.

Agile Guild has done many activities for half a year. One that was effective was to form a group reading of Agile Samurai. Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson covers wide variety of topics related to Agile, and it was useful to invite non-programmers to the group. I'll talk about tips how to involve non-programmers to these activities with the experience of organizing reading groups.

Agile Guild is still actively working to spread agile mindset. I hope I can share some of the recent activities too.